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In the Past

During 1999-2001, Friends of Whatcom County discovered, investigated and published for all to see, many details regarding Georgia-Pacific Corporation’s over-the-top pollution of Whatcom County’s Air, Water and Earth as a by-product of its antiquated Pulp & Chemical Factory operations in Downtown Bellingham, along the shores of Bellingham Bay.

A few quick highlights of that particular bad deal for Bellingham & Whatcom County:

  • The Air:  GP in Bellingham was the #1 most carcinogenic-to-air industrial facility in the entire state of Washington
    (according to the U.S. EPA’s 1999 Toxic Release Inventory data);

  • The Water:  GP discharged over 30,000,000 gallons per day of toxic industrial effluent into Bellingham Bay, almost every day; and

  • The Earth:  GP dumped massive quantities of toxic waste into numerous illegal un-permitted dumpsites in various locations throughout Whatcom County.

As a result of FOWC’s investigations and publications, thousands of Whatcom County community members became well-informed and inspired to act.  Literally thousands of citizens networked, acted independently and often banded together, and thus eliminated the single greatest polluter in Whatcom County history from its clean and green 21st Century future.

GP’s Pulp & Chemical Factory in Downtown Bellingham was permanently shut down in Spring 2001.

Click here to read an interesting full-page Ad we placed in the Bellingham Weekly in 2005

In the Present

For the first time in over half a decade, friendsofwhatcom.com returns to publishing. Why?
Because we recently discovered that Whatcom County faces a terrible and imminent threat to its quality of life and property values.
This threat comes in the form of Whatcom County Council’s proposed zoning amendment regarding Animal Slaughter and Rendering Facilities which threatens to materially degrade quality of life and property values throughout Whatcom County during 2013 and beyond.

In the Future

During 2013, Friends of Whatcom County will bring to light several other major issues and opportunities for the purpose of public information, discussion and inspired actions.  So please subscribe to our mailing list so we can keep you posted.

Between now and Tuesday evening 1.29.2013 at the County Council Meeting, our exclusive focus is to inform and inspire as many Whatcom County citizens as possible to:

a) sign the petition opposing the subject zoning amendment, and ask their friends and family  to do the same, as soon as possible, in advance of Tuesday’s public hearing at 7pm;

b) persuade Whatcom County Council Members with a combination of emails and phone calls, and active participation in Tuesday’s public hearing, to postpone taking further action on the subject zoning amendment until a more appropriate version is developed with an appropriate amount and quality of public input (which has not yet occurred); and

c) if Council Members do decide to vote on it this Tuesday, Jan 29, 2013 to vote “No”.

Thank you for caring, and thank you for your help!
Friends of Whatcom County